Reynier Guerrero

First violin

Born in Cuba in 1980, Reynier Guerrero starts violin studies at National Conservatory of music Amadeo Roldan in Havana, graduating in 1998. Continuing his studies brilliantly by obtaining a teaching degree and a chamber music diploma, he takes part in several national competitions winning several prizes, including Art laureat prize granted by Cuban ministry of culture.

Reynier Guerrero performs throughout his country as a soloist, notably with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba. With this ensemble, he has taken part in numerous international tours of Latin America and Spain. At the same time, he founded the prestigious Solistes de La Havane ensemble, devoted exclusively to 18th-century baroque and contemporary repertoire.

In September 2006, invited by Isère Orchestral Ensemble, he performs in France as solo violin. One year later, he plays again in France with Ensemble Baroque de Toulouse and Orchestre Français des Jeunes Baroque under the direction of C. Rousset. He joins O. Edouard’s baroque violin class at National Conservatoire of music in Lyon.

Reynier Guerrero is a founding member of Il Delirio Fantastico, where he conducts in-depth musical study. He plays the violin, and sometimes the viola with Desmarets ensemble, Les Arts Florissants, Les Nouveaux Caractères, Les Cyclopes….

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Bach's Suite No. 5, father or son? By Reynier Guerrero

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