A meeting "across the Channel" between baroque and minimalism

A cross look between baroque and contemporary music, between French and English aesthetics. An Oxymoron concert around the idea of "new Early music".

The colorful vision of the Garden of Eden by Luigi da Mancia

Zephyrs, water, birds, wind, an intoxicating pantheistic ideal... An oratorio with exceptional orchestration by Luigi da Mancia, the forgotten genius of the 17th century, celebrating the Garden of Eden.

When the work of Mœbius meets the baroque concerto

The theme of metamorphosis in the works of Bach, Vivaldi and Jenkins, with a visual counterpoint by the graphic genius Mœbius. An explosive and poetic 'augmented concert'!

Anna Giraud, the muse of Vivaldi

"It is not possible to stage an opera without the Girò, because no one can find a prima donna like her". Antonio Vivaldi.

Slam, beatbox and baroque music

A virtuoso and inspired dialogue between a slam in three languages, the instrumental music of JS Bach and beatbox. A poetic and musical fantasy out of time...

The 'must' of Baroque instrumental art

The vagaries of nature, poetic tableaux and instrumental virtuosity are the building blocks of this timeless Baroque fresco.

Händel's sweet bird

A virtuoso recital tailor-made for the talents of soprano Sophie Junker: a musical portrait of Elisabeth Duparc, the great 18th-century singer and Handel's muse.

The gentle madness of a spellbinding concert

Inspired by the show Folia, from which it retains its energy, this mixed programme takes us on a journey from the Iberian peninsula to southern Italy, to the sounds of folias and tarantellas.


Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and Pachelbel: a musical celebration!

A concert program where composers express their individual visions of melodious jubilation, composed to serve God, or their own pleasure.

Listen to Bach differently!

A concert discovery on the steps of forgotten, unpublished or apocryphal works of Johann Sebastian Bach. An atypical, relaxed and surprising concert.

Baroque music and urban cultures

A meeting of talents from the hip hop scene and the baroque world, poetically directed by Bérénice Collet and choreographed by Mourad Merzouki.

Female talent in Baroque Italy

A discovery of Italian women composers of the 17th century: rare music, delicate texts, expressive harmonies and melodies, such are the assets of this delicate recital.

A joyful and colourful candlelit celebration.

Christmas in Baroque Naples is a time of intense musical festivities. Traditional songs, tarantellas and Baroque arias blend together in a spellbinding artistic syncretism.

Ballet hip hop baroque

Worldwide success for Folia: already over 200,000 spectators! The reason for its success: Mourad Merzouki's hip hop dance meets Franck-Emmanuel Comte's musical universe.

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