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In partnership with associations

We work with various social associations : Habitat et Humanisme, Passer'elles, Culture du cœur... By welcoming the beneficiaries of these associations to our rehearsals and concerts, we create a strong link between art and a public that is often far from the cultural offer.

This season, in partnership with CCO La Rayonne, Le P.h.a.r.e (Notre-Dame des sans abris) and the Cité Scolaire René Pellet EREA we lead the inclusive project FugaCités.

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2023-2024 SEASON


A project to create, raise awareness and promote inclusion

This year, in collaboration with the CCO La Rayonne, the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu accompanies a group of 15 visually impaired teenagers from the Cité Scolaire René Pellet (Villeurbanne) to take part in the FugaCités show. It's a project that encourages a group of young people in vulnerable situations to express themselves and be creative around a joint artistic creation that is a blend of cultures and conveys strong messages about interculturalism, listening to each other and accepting others. They will create slams and choreographies that they will perform on stage.

Quels objectifs ?

Perform on stage for shows in the new venue La Rayonne, on 14 February 2024 for the general public, and then for schoolchildren in the Lyon Academy in April 2024!

  • Human objectives | improved self-confidence, better understanding and listening skills, stress management, control of emotions and improved ability to express them, improved ability to take initiative and concentrate.
  • Social objectives | Improve your ability to communicate, facilitate communication and interaction.
  • Artistic objectives | Identification and mastery of the rules governing slam, dance and percussion, introduction to a language (rules become frameworks for invention), development of creativity.

Three speakers from the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu are raising awareness and training project beneficiaries in slam (Mehdi Krüger), percussions (David Bruley) and hip-hop dance (Jérôme Oussou).


Summer 2023 | P.h.a.r.e

  • The 24, 25, 26 July 2023 | slam awareness workshops
  • The 7, 8 ,9 August 2023 | hip-hop dance awareness workshops
  • The 28, 29, 30 August 2023 | body percussion awareness workshops

From September 2023 to April 2024

  • Educational workshops for beneficiaries of the Cité Scolaire René Pellet and for beneficiaries of the P.h.a.r.e. programme
  • On 14 february 2024 | performance of the project on the new La Rayonne stage for the general public
  • In avril 2024 | performance of the project on the new stage of La Rayonne for schoolchildren from the Académie de Lyon

Past projects

Women's solidarity choir

Women from all walks of life and cultures are brought together in this temporary choir to perform a varied repertoire, from Thoinot Arbeau to traditional South African songs. An inclusive and generous project supported by Fondation Monoprix and Fondation SNCF:

Marco Polo

In 2019, the Marco Polo project accompanied a group of young refugees and partially sighted teenagers to participate to the creation and interpretation of slams, Persian percussion pieces and songs. The objective of this project was to arouse the expression and creativity of a group of young people in fragile situations, around a common artistic creation.

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