André Costa


André Costa began his baroque violin studies with Luis Otavio Santos, at the same time as completing his bachelor's degree in modern viola at the University of Campinas (Brazil). In 2011, he pursued his desire to specialise in early music at the CNSMD in Lyon, studying with Odile Edouard. Under her guidance, he began to develop his own way of seeing and interpreting the music of the past; contact with professors Jean Tubéry, Rolf Lislevand, Yves Rechsteiner and Jean-Yves Haymoz has been of great importance in this research.

Since his arrival in France, André has worked with artists such as Leonardo Garcia Alarcon, Arthur Schoonderwoerd, Chiara Banchini, Hervé Niquet, Roel Dieltens, Martin Gester and Stéphanie Pfister on professional and CNSMD projects. He works as a violinist and violist with several baroque, classical and contemporary music ensembles in Brazil, France and elsewhere in Europe. Since May 2016, he has been a member of the Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra, an ensemble based in Rovereto, Italy, dedicated to the classical and romantic repertoire.

©Julie Cherki
©Julie Cherki
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