David Bruley


David Bruley began his training by studying classical and contemporary percussion. These different experiences led him to the ENM in Villeurbanne (69) in the class of percussionist Laurent Vieuble, to whom he owes a great deal in human and pedagogical terms. At the end of his studies, a series of encounters and attractions gradually drew him closer to traditional Brazilian music and percussion, but also, and above all, to oriental music and percussion. It was with great masters that he acquired his knowledge, drawn from strong and rich traditions:

— Madjid Khaladj for traditional Persian percussion, but also for his knowledge of Persian culture
— Farhad Safari and Kambiz Ganjei for the tombak
— Habib Yamine for percussion and Arab musical culture
— Youssef Hbeisch for oriental Arabic percussion
— Adel Shams El Din for the Egyptian riqq
— Paul Mindy for the Brazilian pandeiro

He also studied, worked and played the daf with the Qaderi Dervishes of Sanandaj, in Iranian Kurdistan. Over the years, he has developed an overflowing passion and a passion for transmission and teaching. He studied their application in the fields of percussion and musical training, as well as group pedagogy and the construction and development of the child through music. All this led him to enrol at the Centre de Formation des Musiciens Intervenants de Lyon (CFMI) in 2001, where he obtained his University Diploma (DUMI).

After several teaching posts and two as director of a music school, David Bruley is continuing his career as a committed teacher, notably at Lyon Regional Conservatory.

Since 2010, he has also been working at Lyon II University as part of the CFMI, training students in oriental music and percussion and rhythmic practices as part of school projects.

Since 2011, he has been in charge of training students at the Centre de Formation des Professionnels de la Musique in Lyon (CFPM) in the disciplines of pedagogy, rhythmic training and preparatory training for entry to the CFMI for future working musicians. Since July 2017, he has been the pedagogical director of this training centre.

He offers in-company training courses on group cohesion, means of expression, the interests of the collective through individual wealth... In September 2015, with the help of Iranian musician friends, he set up the Lyon-based l'Institut des Musiques Persanes which aims to transmit and disseminate the arts of Iranian cultures.

He plays with Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu in the Folia and Marco Polo projects.

Iranian percussion and baroque music? By David Bruley

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