Ulrik Gaston Larsen

Theorbo & guitar

Ulrik Gaston Larsen studied the romantic guitar and the lute at the National Conservatory of Music in Oslo, Norway. He then completed his studies in lute, baroque guitar, theorbo and early music with Rolf Lislevand at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen in Germany, and in singing with Maria Cristina Kiehr.

He performs with ensembles such as Ensemble Correspondances, La Fenice, Ensemble Kapsberger, Les Surprises, Capella Sanctæ Crucis, Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Il Delirio Fantastico, Stella Matutina, La Pulcinella, La Main Harmonique and the Norwegian Baroque Orchestra, and gives numerous concerts throughout Europe and Latin America.

He has made recordings with, among others, Rolf Lislevand and the Ensemble Kapsberger (Scaramanzia, Naïve, 1st prize Echo Klassik 2017, Best Classical Record Norway 2016), Il Delirio Fantastico (Concerti di Parigi, Choc Classica ; Concerti di camera, 5 Diapasons), La Chapelle rhénane for a production based on Heinrich Schütz (K617/Harmonia Mundi, Diapason D'or, Goldberg 5), the Ensemble Correspondances for a double disc (Le ballet Royale de la nuit, Choc Classica, Diapason D'or, Gramophone Editors Choice), Ophélie Gaillard and Pulcinella Orchestra for a double disc devoted to Boccherini (Trophées Radio Classique, 5 Diapason, 4 Forte Télérama).

He is a regular contributor to radio programmes across Europe.

©Julie Cherki
©Julie Cherki

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