Florian Verhaegen

Violin & viola

« Instrumenta »
Florian Verhaegen is a master of the historical violin and viola, as well as the medieval fiddle.

« Professoribus archetum ».
He first met Philippe Wucher, then Simon Heyerick and Odile Édouard for early  Musique Ancienne. In 'master classes', he perfected his training alongside Chiara Banchini, Amandine Beyer, Manfredo Kraemer, Suzanne Scholz and Sigisvald Kuijken, as well as under the batons of Paul Agnew and Hervé Niquet.

« Gradus »
Like any musician, he collected a DEM (2007), a Licence (2012), then a Master's degree in performance (2014) and a Certificat d'Aptitude à l'enseignement de la musique (2016). These courses have taken him to some of the finest music conservatoires: Grenoble Conservatoire for his initial training, the École Nationale de Villeurbanne and the Conservatoire Supérieur de Lyon for everything else. In the process, he won an ADAMI grant for a project to reconstruct an 18th-century violin with luthier Arnaud Giral.

« Artis »
Since 2018, you can find him both teaching enthusiastically atÉcole nationale de musique de Villeurbanne and performing with a host of ensembles, including Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu (Franck-Emmanuel Comte), Ensemble Correspondances (Sébastien Daucé), Le Caravansérail (Bertrand Cuiller), Energeia (Jean-Dominique Abrell), Stradivaria (Daniel Cuiller) and Diabolus in Musica (Antoine Guerber).. He is a passionate member of the Matali ensemble,, a "band of violins" that plays to a wide audience to revive the renaissance music of this group. He recently joined La Note Brève.

« Extra musica »
He can't decide whether he prefers 'wild' violin making or carpentry. In any case, he recreates himself between swimming and travelling.

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