Noël napolitain

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Noël napolitain

Overtura di natale, Vincent Beer-Demander

Cantate « Oh di Betlemme altera povertàn », Alessandro Scarlatti
Introduzione / récitatif / Aria / récitatif / Aria / récitatif / Pastorale

Concerto for mandolin and strings in G major, Domenico Cimarosa
Allegro / Largo / Allegro assai

Noël « Per la natività del Signore », Anonyme

Aria « Lagrime amare » extrait de la cantate Abramo, il tuo sembiante (R. 503/22), Alessandro Scarlatti

Noël « Ninna nanna al bambino Gesu alla napolitana », Anonyme

Aria « Dormite o pupill », Pietro Andrea Ziani

Noël « Dormi, Dormi o bel bambin », Anonyme

Noël « Quanno nascette Ninno », Anonyme

Suite of instrumental tarantellas, Anonyme

Arias from the cantata La Veglia, Cristofaro Caresana

Allegro (3rd movement) from the Sonata K89 for mandolin and continuo, Domenico Scarlatti

Noël « Bambino divino », Anonyme

Noël « La Leggenda del Lupino », Anonyme

Noël « La santa allegrezze », Anonyme

Heather Newhouse, soprano
Vincent Beer-Demander, mandoline
Reynier Guerrero and Florian Verhaegen, violons
Aurélie Métivier, viola
Aude Walker-Viry, cello
Albane Imbs, théorbe et guitare
Nicolas Janot, doublebass
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and musical direction

From baroque cantatas to tarantellas, the magic of a candlelight Christmas

Christmas in Baroque Naples is a time of intense musical festivities. Traditional songs, tarantellas and lyrically inspired arias blend together in a surprising artistic syncretism.

A highlight of the religious calendar, Christmas was also a moment for Neapolitans to express their own personal brand of heathenism with aplomb. Their love of theatrical renditions of the Christmas story, the mystery of the nativity, and opera mixed together, expressing both Christian devotion and an irrepressible desire to dance and celebrate.

With a program of baroque arias and concertos, Christmas carols, and tarantellas, we invite listeners to join us for an exceptional candlelit evening of musical merrymaking, Neapolitan-style.


Co-produced by 1001 Notes



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