Bach on the beat

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Bach on the beat

Praeludium and Courante (Suite No.1 for cello BWV 1007)

Bourrées (Suite n°3 BWV 1009)

Largo (Concerto No 5 for harpsichord BWV 1056)

Praeludium  (BWV 999)

Sarabande (French Suite No. 2 BWV 813)

Praeludium (BWV 847)

Aria from the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988)

Aude Walker-Viry, cello
Reynier Guerrero, violin
Tiko, human beatbox
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and musical conception
ND, sound
ND, lights

A timeless musical dialogue

Bach on the beat is the sequel to our European project Babel Bach.. Inspired by the spirit of J.S. Bach’s instrumental works for cello and harpsichord, it takes a decidedly contemporary approach to baroque musical expression. By combining beatboxer Tiko’s sound universe with baroque instrumental colors, the three artists offer audiences a timeless and poetic rereading of the venerable baroque master’s instrumental music.

Bach on the beat reexamines the relationship between historically-informed performance and contemporary creation, asking a question that might seem like an oxymoron: is it possible to make “modern” early music? Or rather: is “adapted” baroque music more likely to attract a broader audience, younger and more diverse, than typical “art music”? It is important to remember that J.S. Bach only ever played “contemporary music”, and that his creative process was shaped by the desires and expectations of his time.

Rediscovering this repertoire’s spontaneity and sharing it is Bach on the beat’s mission! Rhythms, colors, and energy are the highlights of this creative and surprising project which blurs our reference points and crosses boundaries.



Avec le soutien de la SPEDIDAM


29 May 2024

Salle Sainte-Hélène
Lyon (France)
Bach on the beat

21 June 2024

Bach on the beat

Mercredi 29 mai 2024 | 20:00
salle Sainte-Hélène

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