Human beatbox

A self-taught musician, it was around 2000 that Tiko came across Human Beatbox and began to take an interest in this practice, which was not very widespread at the time.

A fan of sharing and exchange, since 2002 he has performed with a number of atypical groups from very different backgrounds: Under Kontrol (Beatbox quartet, world champions in 2009 and runners-up in 2015), Pira.Ts (rap/flute/Beatbox trio), Zaman Fabriq, Watt A Nine Brass Boom (brass band created as part of Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013).

An adventurous musician always on the move, whether solo or with one of his projects, he has collaborated on stage with musicians such as Bernard Purdie, Archie Shepp, Barre Phillips, Laurent Dewilde, Raphaël Imbert, Emilie Lesbros, Mesparrow, Norbert Lucarain, Boots Riley, Raashan Ahmad, Soweto Kinch, Gregoire Gensse and Antoine Mermet.

His curiosity led him to take part in the creation and setting to music of two plays entitled Les Irrévérencieux (2012) and Le 4ème mur (2015, adapted from a text by Sorj Chalandon) with the Compagnie du Théâtre des Asphodèles.

In 2015, he met Denis Plassard and collaborated with him on the show Albertine Hector et Charles. The collaboration has since continued for various creations.

This openness to dance enabled him to meet Xavier Gresse, choreographer of the l'Ogresse company, for whom he created the soundtrack for the show Invisible (2017) as well as live sound effects on stage. In 2018, they began work on "PUCH", a duet in which the dancer and beatboxer have fun blurring the lines by exchanging their practices on stage.

Passionate about the multiple possibilities offered by his art, he was also one of the main instigators of the French Human Beatbox network, which is now flourishing and internationally recognised.

Regarded as one of the pioneers in the transmission of the art, he has been exploring its playful and educational potential since 2006 in workshops, courses and master classes. A trainer for the CFMI in Lyon since 2008, he shares his teaching activities between conservatoire audiences, schoolchildren of all ages, people with disabilities, actors and anyone else interested in discovering Human Beatbox.

Always on the move and on the lookout for places where Beatbox is not expected, you can find his name in the credits of several jingles or soundtracks for shows and other performances.

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