FugaCités #1

Baroque music + hip-hop dance

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FugaCités #1

Baroque music + hip-hop dance

John Playford
Stingo (extrait de The English dancing Master)

Johann Paul von Westhoff
Sonate n°2, Imitatione al liuto (extraits)

John Playford
The Virgin Queen (extrait de The English dancing Master)

Henry Purcell
A new ground (extrait de l’Ode « Welcome to all the pleasure »)

Antonio Vivaldi
Sonata RV 44 n°7, Allemande

Michel Farinel
Faronell’s Division

With both fluidness and poetry, Mourad Merzouki has conceived this choreographic concert by bringing closely together musicians and dancers. Jérôme Oussou’s hip-hop and baroque melodies make a fool of centuries separating them in a timeless interaction. A touch of humor completes the oneiric universe that characterize Mourad Merzouki’s shows.

Optional : consult us to plan a dance workshop with Jérôme Oussou for teenagers and adults.

FugaCités en vidéo

Mourad Merzouki's interview

Full-length video on Culturebox - France TV

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