Women's solidarity choir

The Women's Solidarity Choir brings together women from all backgrounds and cultures to perform a varied repertoire. Each year, the project gives one or more public performances as part of the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu season in Lyon.

By creating links of solidarity between women from different backgrounds, this project encourages people to meet and share through listening to each other and working together. Women in isolated and vulnerable situations join female company directors and others undergoing professional retraining, to come together around a unique experience of musical creation, to exchange ideas, learn from each other and encourage each other!

  • Favoriser la cohésion et la solidarité entre des femmes aux parcours de vie différents autour d’une expérience de création artistique inédite et valorisante
  • Proposer un espace de dialogue et d’échange autour d’une expérience collective
  • Renforcer pour chaque femme, l’estime de soi et la capacité d’agir
  • Sensibiliser à la musique baroque et plus particulière au chant et permettre l’accès à une pratique artistique


Marie Leroyer

Singer and choir conductor Marie Leroyer began her musical training at a very early age, taking piano and choir singing in Lyon. After passing her baccalauréat, she went on to study choir conducting at the École nationale de Villeurbanne. She had the opportunity to conduct several amateur choirs in the Lyon region. With a keen interest in teaching, she is also a singing teacher and runs singing workshops for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases on behalf of the Hospices civils de Lyon.

Franck-Emmanuel Comte

Artistic director and conductor Franck-Emmanuel Comte specialises in performing the baroque and classical repertoire on ancient instruments, and is passionate about cross-disciplinary and atypical projects.

The associations Force Femmes, PasserElles Buissonnières and Univers’Elles are partners of the Women's Solidarity Choir.

Thank you to the Monoprix Foundation and the SNCF for supporting this project, and to the 30 contributors who took part in the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.com.


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