Dolce Follia

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Dolce Follia

"Su la cetra amorosa" (ciaccona), Tarquinio Merula

"Yo soy la locura" (air de cour) Henry de Bailly
"Quando voglio", (air extrait de Cesare in Egitto) Antonio Sartorio
Sonate en ré mineur, 14 variations sur « La Follia » RV 63 , Antonio Vivaldi

L’Eraclito amoroso (lamento), Barbara Strozzi
Sonata RV 44 n°7 pour violoncelle, (Allemande), Antonio Vivaldi
"Sento in seno", (air extrait de Tieteberga, RV 737), Antonio Vivaldi
Tarantelas, extrait du Codex Salivar (Mexico), Santiago de Murcia
Tarentelles napolitaines instrumentales, Anonyme

Donna Isabella, (canzone napolitane), Anonyme

"Cum dederit", (air extrait du Nisi Dominus, RV 608), Antonio Vivaldi
La Carpinese, (tarentelle) Anonyme,

Cachua Serranita, extrait du Codex Martines Compañon (Trujillo, Pérou), Anonyme

Heather Newhouse, soprano
Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord, organ and musical direction

Grégoire Durrande, electronic compositions
Pascal Cacouault, sound engineer
Antoine Hansberger, light

On stage :
Acoustic version: 1 soloist, 7 instrumentalists (strings, theorbo, harpsichord, percussions)

Electronic version: 1 soloist, 7 instrumentalists (strings, theorbo, harpsichord, percussions) +1 sound engineer recquired

“Folia”, a word from Portugal meaning “merrymaking” or “revelry”, is linked to working-class (shepherds and farmers). It simply consists of ascending ground basses on eight bars with variation (or “diferencias”). Adopted first by Italians then all of Europe, it evolves with virtuosity under Corelli or Vivaldi’s pen. Its style and spirit evoke for now on freedom and creativity.

Dolce Follia, is inspired by the hip-hop choreography Folia, a performance created with Mourad Merzouki for the Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière. This program preserves the energy and inventiveness given by dance. Hybrid music from Iberian Peninsula to southern Italy are inviting us to a journey through time. Refined repertoire from palazzi is rubbing shoulders with Napoli rough areas. Folias, tarentellas, passacailles and chaconnes are the musical framework of this program.

Dolce Follia in video


Dolce Follia is inspired by the ballet Folia, co-created with Mourad Merzouki for the Nuits de Fourvière. This programme is available in two versions that express the energy, inventiveness and choreographic intentions:

  • Baroque and electro instruments:
    The instrumentalists play accompanied by the electro soundtrack created by Grégoire Durrande for the ballet which participates in the magic of the show.
    Sound system for the 7 instrumentalists + 1 soloist
    Sound diffusion system (electro part)
    1 harpsichord tuned in 415Hz
  • Baroque instruments without electro
    In halls with a capacity of more than 250 seats, sound system for 7 instrumentalists + 1 soloist
    1 harpsichord tuned in 415Hz


8 & 9 août 2023
Festival Baroque de Tarentaise
Dolce Follia

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