Vivaldi & his Muses

Program: arias and duets from operas by Vivaldi, concertos

Whether as a pupil or performer, Vivaldi had a rich and sometimes ambiguous relationship with women, some of whom became true muses. Mezzo-soprano Anna Girò, a true Vivaldian muse, sang many leading roles in the Venetian composer's operas. In the soprano register, Vivaldi was particularly fond of Benedetta Soresina, a singer of European renown. These two exceptional performers inspired the Venetian genius to create his most expressive lyrical works. He dedicated some magnificent arias to them, which are reproduced on this disc. Two talented young soloists, finalists in the Froville International Baroque Singing Competition, portray Girò and Soresina.


1. Sinfonia RV 116, allegro
2. Aria mezzo-soprano "Ho il cor già lacero", Griselda
3. Récitatif et aria mezzo-soprano "Oh ingiusti numi !", Orlando furioso
4. Récitatif et aria soprano "Armatae facae", Juditha triumphans
5. Aria mezzo-soprano "Sposa son disprezzata", Bazajet
6. Récitatif et aria soprano "Poveri affetti miei", Orlando furioso
7. Aria mezzo-soprano "Alza in quegl'occhi", Orlando furioso
8. Aria soprano "Tu sei degl'occhi miei", Orlando furioso
9. Récitatif e duetto "Coronata di gigli e di rose", Farnace
10. Concerto pour cordes RV 157, allegro, largo, allegro
11. Aria mezzo-soprano "Gelido in ogni vena", Farnace
12. Aria soprano "Amorosa e men irata", Farnace
13. Récitatif et aria mezzo-soprano "Or di Roma forti eroi", Farnace
14. Duetto "lo sento nel petto si grande", Farnace
15. Concerto RV 114, ciaccona

Heather Newhouse, soprano
Giuseppina Bridelli, mezzo soprano
Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, direction

Live : 14 juillet 2013 au Prieuré de Froville (54)
Label: Baroque & plus

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