Mehdi Krüger

Slam artist

A poet and performer, Mehdi Krüger's words are as much about boxing as they are about dance. Of German and Algerian origin, he develops a language that is both turbulent and languorous, inspired as much by René Char as by Kendrick Lamar. Fleshy and meaningful, Mehdi Krüger's poetry draws its strength from orality. Free of codes, he has published records and books that have won several awards, but the stage is his real arena. Describing himself as an "artivist", he also shares his passion in writing workshops for French institutes abroad, as well as in schools and prisons.

Awards & nominations:
- Winner of the Prix du Scribe (published by Vox Scriba) - 2018
- Finalist for the Prix Georges Moustaki - 2018
- Georges Brassens / SACEM Prize - 2016
- Winner of the Le Mans Cité-Chanson Prize - 2015
- Winner of the Mokikoz Prize for spoken word poetry - 2015
- Nominated for Talents Europe1 - 2012
- Winner of the Tremplin France Ô Folies, France Ô and Francofolies de la Rochelle - 2012
- Regional selection Printemps de Bourges, Rhône Alpes - 2011
- Winner of the Prix On Stage, FNAC and Transbordeur - 2011

Selected bibliography:
– Seuls les vivants ont raison, poetry, published by Vox Scriba
– L’Arabstrait, radio poetry, Arte Radio
– Performances poétiques, collective work, Université d'Albi/ éd. Cécile Defaut
– Guetter l’aurore, Anthologie de poésie engagée, collective work, published by La Passe du Vent
– Exils/ créations, quels passages ? collective work, published by L'Harmattan

- Trilogy of EPs released between 2016 and 2018: Saint-Germain-D’AprèsL’Ecume des NuitsLuttopies

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