J.S Bach : Concertos brandebourgeois No.3 and 4 (BWV 1048 et 1049) and « Et exultavit » from Magnificat (BWV 243)
A. Vivaldi : Laudate pueri Dominum (RV 600) and Concerto pour flautino et cordes (RV 443)
G. F. Haendel : Gloria in Excelsis deo (HWV deest) and excerpts from Messie
J. Pachelbel : Canon et gigue en Ré Majeur

Anara Khassenova, soprano
Reynier Guerrero, violin
Florian Gazagne et Aránzazu Nieto, flute
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and musical direction

On stage:
1 soloist, 13 instrumentalists

Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and Pachelbel: a musical celebration!

Baroque music is a musical art defined by rhetoric. And yet Baroque masters used the rhetorical art’s stylistic figures and formal rules as starting points for the creation of brilliant explosions of musical color and energy. Better than any of his contemporaries, it was Bach who employed rhetorical principles to compose music with the perfect mixture of fantasy and rigor, thrift and abundance. Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 3 and 4 are perfect examples of how contrapuntal mastery and the joy of the dance are combined in Bach’s music with fluidity and ease. The quintessence of musical rejoicing, these instrumental masterpieces showcasing virtuosity and joy are at the core of Jubilatio, a concert program that features Bach and his contemporaries’ individual visions of melodious jubilation, composed to serve God, or their own pleasure.

LE 14 DÉCEMBRE 2021 - 20:00
Église Saint-Bruno, Lyon

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