Around the myth of Hamlet, fragments of lost and found operas

Arias and sinfonias from various Italian operas that have been lost... and found again. A brilliant programme, tailor-made for the charismatic soprano Roberta Mameli

When the Baroque concerto meets the work of Moebius 

The theme of metamorphosis in the works of Bach, Vivaldi and Jenkins, with a visual counterpoint by the graphic genius Mœbius. An explosive and poetic 'augmented concert'!

Vivaldi and his star: a pyrotechnic recital!

"It is not possible to stage an opera without the Girò, because no one can find a prima donna like her". Antonio Vivaldi.

The gentle madness of a spellbinding concert

Inspired by the show Folia, from which it retains its energy, this mixed programme takes us on a journey from the Iberian peninsula to southern Italy, to the sounds of folias and tarantellas.

Baroque music and urban cultures

A meeting of talents from the hip hop scene and the baroque world, poetically directed by Bérénice Collet and choreographed by Mourad Merzouki.

From Italy to France, the blossoming of feminine genius

A discovery of French and Italian women composers of the 17th century: rare music, delicate texts, expressive harmonies and melodies, these are the assets of this delicate recital.

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