Il Paradiso perduto

The colorful vision of the Garden of Eden by Luigi da Mancia

Zephyr, river, birds, wind, a charming pantheistic ideal… Attributed to Luigi Da Mancia, an unjustly forgotten genius of the Italian 17th century, this oratorio celebrates the Garden of Eden and our belonging to an unaltered environment before it was corrupted by the hand of Man.

La Francesina

Händel's sweet bird

The musical portrait of a great 18th century singer, muse of Georg Friedrich Händel. In this program, the Belgian soprano Sophie Junker pays tribute to La Francesina and celebrates the thriving collaboration that bound her to Handel for over a decade. From opera to oratorio, this recital aims to highlight both the voice of this muse and at the same time, to show how Handel progressively abandoned the splendour of the Italian opera for the spiritual elevation of the oratorio.

Dolce Follia

A journey from Iberian Peninsula to southern Italy

Inspired by the hip-hop choreography Folia, this program is inviting us to a journey trhough time from Iberian Peninsula to southern Italy. Folias, tarentellas, passacailles and chaconnes are the musical framework of this program.


Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and Pachelbel: a musical celebration!

A concert program where composers express their individual visions of melodious jubilation, composed to serve God, or their own pleasure.

L'Affaire Bach

The audience at the heart of a musical suspense !

L'Affaire Bach is an interactive concert that brings together artists and audiences in a captivating quest for works attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. Via their Smartphone, each spectator has the possibility to participate by using the Wooclap, an interactive and didactic mobile application.

The French connection

From Versailles to London, the Frenchies on the banks of the Thames

The Restoration went hand in hand with a true artistic renaissance. While many French composers settled in London, English composers, fascinated by Lully, drew their inspiration from Versailles. This mix of styles inspired two decades of fascinating and highly creative music that reflects the spirit of openness prevailing in this cosmopolitan court.

FugaCités is a meeting between baroque music and urban cultures. It comes in three poetic and interdisciplinary variations with multiple inspirations, a creative dialogue between the instrumentalists of the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu and three leading artists of the Lyon hip-hop scene: Tiko (human beatbox), Mehdi Krüger (slam), Jérôme Oussou (hip-hop dance) choreographed by Mourad Merzouki.

Danse hip hop

Baroque au féminin

Through various events, Baroque au féminin aims to promote a little-known musical repertoire of female baroque composers - but also, and above all, to question the place of women in musical creation, while making the public aware of the problems of inequality that still remains.

La Donna Barocca
Le Parnasse au féminin

An unexpected journey with Mourad Merzouki’s hip hop and baroque music. A ballet born from the intersection between disciplines that are apparently incompatible, whose unusual combination gives grace to alchemy.

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