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in Wonderland


Baroque arias by H. Purcell and J. Playford, traditional music of the British Isles and "forays" into contemporary pop

The CastawaysJacques Chambon and Franck Pitiot, actors
The Magician : Axelle Verner, mezzo soprano
The inhabitants : Reynier Guerrero and Florian Verhaegen, violins ; Aude Walker-Viry, cello ; Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord

Jacques Chambon, author
Bruno Fontaine, stage direction
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, musical direction
Seymour Laval, set design and light design

On stage:
2 actors, 1 soloist, 4 instrumentalists

The Island of the Magicians! A very long time ago, this mysterious and forgotton land was the kingdom of spells and poisonous charms. Here reigned Circe and her sisters! The rare travelers, such as Ulysses and his companions, who had once approached these shores, bewitched by the fatal beauty and the supernatural powers of the master in the place, had never returned... Time has passed. Circe, erased from the memory of men, has finally faded into the mist of time.

But one morning, two unwitting adventurers, modern-day Ulysses, pathetic castaways unaware of the danger, are washed up by the sea on an island beach. The time has come for the fearsome and seductive magicians to emerge from their long sleep!


In partnership with Encore un Tour.

Les Nouvelles métamorphoses

Between humor and musical poetry, this webseries takes up three great myths of ancient literature. The opportunity to cross music lovers with fans of Kaamelott ... A first version of the project created in 2018.

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