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in Wonderland


Baroque arias by H. Purcell and J. Playford, traditional music from the British Isles

Axelle Verner, mezzo soprano
Reynier Guerrero and Florian Verhaegen, violins
Aude Walker-Viry, cello
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and musical direction

On stage:
1 soloist, 4 instrumentalists

At Jacques Chambon and Frank Pitiot’side, a new show is on its way ! It will take us to the discovery of a fantastic island where the spells of a magician magician bewitch the inhabitants and castaways. For this journey following Ulysse, Franck-Emmanuel Comte has imagined a sound universe between traditional music of the British Isles and Purcell’s work. From ground basses of the Orpheus Britannicus to the popular tunes of London's underbelly, this ballad-like concert is placed under the sign of fantasy. Tunes, jiggs and airs thus take us on a journey from the mists of Ireland to Shakespeare's Globe theater with, as our guide, the warm and sensual voice of Axelle Verner, our charismatic mezzo-soprano.

Come all ! Strike the viol !

©Julie Cherki

In partnership with Encore un Tour


3 Aug. 2021
Festival 1001 notes en Limousin
Ulysse in Wonderland
17 Nov. 2021 18 Nov. 2021
Lyon (France)
Temple Lanterne
in Wonderland

Discover the show version in video

Discover the show version in video

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