Fantasmi di Ambleto

The Ghosts of Hamlet

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Fantasmi di Ambleto

The Ghosts of Hamlet

Arias and Sinfonias, extract from:
Ambleto, Francesco Gasparini, Venise 1705
Ambleto, Domenico Scarlatti, Rome 1715
Ambleto, Giuseppe Vignati, Milan 1719
Ambleto, Giuseppe Carcani, Venise 1742

Libretti from Zeno and Pariati

Roberta Mameli, soprano
Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and musical direction
Paolo Vittorio Montanari, musicology and edition

On stage:
1 soloist, 14 musicians (strings, oboe, bassoon, theorbo, harpsichord)


The legend of Prince Hamlet, first told in Saxo Grammaticus’s Gesta Danorum, is the basis for Shakespeare’s famed tragedy, but in the 18th century, the same tale inspired numerous Italian operas. Sadly, these operas have an important point in common: they have all been lost! Musicologist Paolo Vittorio Montanari has worked meticulously to research and reconstitute these works, making possible the creation of a completely original new project, based on musical fragments rediscovered in different Italian libraries. These long-lost scores composed by Scarlatti, Gasparini, Carcani, and Vignati focus primarily on two female characters from Hamlet’s orbit: the romantic Veremonda (who Shakespeare named Ophelia) and Gerilda (Gertrude), Hamlet’s mother, who is torn between love for her son and passion for her cold and unfaithful husband.

Roberta Mameli, soprano charismatique et passionnée, interprète ces différentes figures qui ont inspiré à Scarlatti et ses contemporains des arias expressives, brillantes ou charmantes. Outre le plaisir de découvrir ces pépites musicales totalement inédites, ce projet vous transportera dans l’univers passionnant, ambiguë et fascinant d’Hamlet, dont les fantômes animeront cette jolie ballade dans une Italie baroque redécouverte.


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On tour from spring 2025

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