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2021/2022 SEASON

In partnership with the Centre scolaire Saint-Marc, we are developing a season for young audiences in the Salle Sainte-Hélène, which is our place of work and creation.

During the 2021-22 season, three innovative and interdisciplinary musical forms will be created and presented in thirteen performances to children in the Lyon Academy. These three original proposals, brought together in the triptych FugaCités, illustrate the links between baroque music and urban cultures.


School concerts :
FugaCités Beatbox : 13 December 2021
FugaCités Danse hip hop : 24 & 25 March 2022
FugaCités Slam : 5 May 2022

Educational activities :
FugaCités Beatbox : 19 September 2021
FugaCités Danse hip hop : 12 January 2022
FugaCités Slam : 9 March 2022

  • David Bruley, educational advisor
  • Manon Pichard, coordination

2021/2022 PROGRAM


Baroque music + urban cultures !

FugaCités is a meeting between the instrumentalists of the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu and three leading artists of urban cultures: Tiko (human beatbox), Mehdi Krüger (slam), Jérôme Oussou (hip-hop dance) choreographed by Mourad Merzouki.

Past project

Mozart for all

In February 2017, the soloists, orchestra and choir of the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu were welcomed at the Lyon Auditorium for two Mozartian days. This project included three concerts with the objective of introducing the classical world to a wide audience: Mozart passe son bac (Mozart takes his baccalaureate) for high school students; discovering Mozart for primary school students, cello discovery workshops led by Benoît Morel, cellist, with students from the Cité scolaire for visually impaired children in Villeurbanne.

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