Music & Solidarity

In partnership with associations

We work with various social associations : Habitat et Humanisme, Passer'elles, Culture du cœur... By welcoming the beneficiaries of these associations to our rehearsals and concerts, we create a strong link between art and a public that is often far from the cultural offer.

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2021/2022 SEASON

In addition, we regularly create large-scale projects involving this audience in the creation of a show. For the 2021/2022 season, our action focuses on the animation of a "Solidarity Choir" welcoming women from all backgrounds and cultures, in a situation of isolation. For this project, we have received the support of the Monoprix Foundation and the SNCF Foundation.


2021/2022 PROGRAM

Chorale féminine et solidaire

Women from all backgrounds and cultures are gathering in this ephemeral choir around a varied repertoire, from Thoinot Arbeau to traditional South African songs.

Past project

Marco Polo

In 2019, the Marco Polo project accompanied a group of young refugees and partially sighted teenagers to participate to the creation and interpretation of slams, Persian percussion pieces and songs. The objective of this project was to arouse the expression and creativity of a group of young people in fragile situations, around a common artistic creation.

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